Collectible Bentley Mulliner Bacalar: a new image

Collectible Bentley Mulliner Bacalar: a new image


The office of Bentley Mulliner, the world’s oldest body shops, has published a new teaser open for the first time Bacalar. Collectible Roadster, executed on motives of concept EXP 100 GT, makes its debut on 3 March as part of the online conference.

Bentley in new product referred to as “the most impressive double Grand Tourer”, and the company is the second model with a couple of chairs over the last 90 years. It is known that the authors of “the Lagoon” was inspired by the concept car EXP 100 GT, and trim used natural and ecological materials obtained ethical ways.

It can be as leather, textile waste from winemaking and oak, 5000 years had lain in the peat bogs, and something entirely new. Based on early teasers, the Roadster will also get a salon finish with exclusive seats and a Luggage set two suitcases.


According to preliminary information, the circulation of Bacalar will be 12 copies. The price is closer to £ 1.5 million, making the Roadster the most expensive new car Bentley.

The name of the collector’s Bentley was in honor of the Mexican lake Bacalar, which has become a famous tourist attraction due to the amazingly blue and clear water.

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