Collection of 36 “Corvettes” will play the lottery

Collection of 36 “Corvettes” will play the lottery

More than three dozen Chevrolet Corvette, released in the period from 1953 to 1989, find new owners by lottery. The value of these are just a few of the earliest copies, which are painted in a rare color.

The collection consists of 25 vehicles with automatic transmission and 14 convertibles that are not in the best condition. Most of them are covered with a thick layer of dust and not maintained for many years, and some have visible damage. In many ways, so the current owner decided not to invest in their recovery and give machine free, defining “lucky” with the lottery.

So with these “Corvettes” in 1989 did the music channel VH1, which played in the car between its viewers. Then the whole collection has got to carpenter from long island named Dennis Amodeo. Later he sold the sports car pop artist Peter max, which is then only occasionally seen behind the wheel of that particular Corvette.

In 2014, all 36 cars were in the possession of the family of Hellerau, and they remembered the technique used by VH1. They announced a lottery that has already begun and will last until April 2020. The names of the winners will be announced may 15 in channel History.