Color Changing BMW of the Future | iX Flow

Color Changing BMW of the Future | iX Flow


This is the new BMW iX Flow E-Ink, a @BMW with a futuristic technology that allows it to change color on demand. Today I show you how this incredible technology works and show you why this is one of the coolest cars in the world.You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#BMW # #BMWCES #THEiX

so cool you guys here comes here it comes i mean come on this car changes color instantly you guys have just seen it this is the first time on display ever anywhere in the world what’s up guys it’s supercar blonder here in vegas at ces the world’s largest consumer electronics show and i am here to show you the latest future tech from bmw this is stella she is the uh lead engineer on this project she’s what how long has it been how long have you been working on it for six seven months six seven months on this car one car seven months but for years on this technology this is actually paint changing color now let me walk you through how this technology works this right here what you’re looking at is called e ink there are three layers here to this technology the middle layer is full of transparent capsules and in each capsule is two paint colors white and black then on the top layer and the bottom layer you have electrode layers right and what it does is depending on whether you run positive electricity through the top and negative through the bottom or you flip that around and you run negative on the top positive on the bottom you’re flipping the paint color which color comes to the surface of the car what you can see here are all these little triangles right this is actually just so that you can bend this technology to the body of the car so what they’ve done is they’ve cut out all of these little triangles here so that for example along this triangle they’ve been able to bend it to that panel so that’s why you can see that kind of pattern what is also cool is you guys notice the rims they’ve done it here as well on these panels and let me just show you some cool stuff let’s go all black let’s go all white here we go rotating you see that this is so freaking cool just look how instant that is that’s actual paint you guys changing unbelievable here you’ve got the electricity coming from the car battery right because this is an all-electric car it doesn’t take that much uh electricity either and here for the wheels i’ve put a little battery here just behind the bmw logo for this to be able to change somehow steve aoki is here you guys what’s up man it’s so nice to see you i want to surprise you with some new tech i love being surprised with you right yeah who doesn’t i love tag seriously this is something you’ll have never ever ever seen before all right okay okay now just face this way for me okay do you remember the color of the car behind you um i sort of remember as gray or something like that yeah okay take a look oh bro what is this it’s like a black gray right yeah it’s like a dark gray color yeah okay now just watch this actually just wait this is kind of cool i i think i have some sort of peeking i’m not looking the car behind you was what color dark dark gray turn around whoa this is nuts okay let me show you something oh my god okay i know right mind blowing okay should you check this out check this out oh wow this is the painting that’s insane okay look look look look oh my god it’s like an octopus it’s crazy right it’s an octopus that’s so crazy tap this one here the rotate room speed yeah and check it out oh are spinning oh my god i’ve never seen this how freaking cool is it it’s an octopus this is the future right i know right i love it is it only bmw have this yeah first ever first step yeah right the bmw of the future is going to be an elongated box we’re excited about that look at this design hey what do you reckon bmw year 3000 no okay it’s not gonna don’t panic i’ve got something really cool to show you this is the latest technology ready watch this okay this is here just to show you what they have in store for us oh in new bmws you ready watch this look at this look at this look at this bet you didn’t see that there massive tv welcome to the future of in-car entertainment brought to you by bmw this is a cinema powered by in the back of your car sound system diamond surround sound system and i can feel it here in my seat i have to yell it literally feels like you’re at the cinema like it’s fully surround sound and everything feels like it’s vibrating just like you’re in all right next are you ready we’re gonna go through this tunnel now this this is all new digital art and they’ve worked with a very famous chinese artist ciao faye now look at this you’ve got this curved display and inside is something you’ve never seen before ready there we go my ixm60 this is the performance version of the ix and we’re gonna get the world’s first drive on this channel through vegas this is so exciting all right let me just show you the interior quickly before we get on the road i really like these buttons here look to open the door it’s just a little button and then around the back this is how you know you’ve got the performance version the m badge m60 this has about 620 horsepower that is absolutely insane about a hundred horsepower more than the last ix out on the market all right oh my god look at that that is so pretty that is so insanely pretty wow that’s how you control your seat with a crystal holy moly that is so nice okay now in here you’ve got more crystal this is your control dial for the infotainment screen now this is all new what we’re going to experience is brand new sounds from bmw they’ve been working with hans zimmer world famous composer oscar winner what he’s done is he’s composed a new sound for each mode and we’re going to hear that when we accelerate down the road oh oh now we’re talking all right yeah that was quite cool okay so that’s sports mode okay let’s see the next one okay that is cool you’re so right yog that is the best one that is so cool

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