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Absolutely every driver taking care of his car, interested in novelties of automotive electronics. No matter, we are talking about music, parktronik or rear view camera. All that can be put dopom or improve – from time to time monitored by car owners. And here we have compiled Topic of electronics that you can upgrade in your car on the example of the British brand Gazer.

Although the brand has long become a mother, I am sure that every second in the car at least DVR the first year of riding.

The range of HI-Tech electronics presents quite a wide range and combines often incompatible qualities – comfort and safety.

Take, for example, the rear view mirror.

It is responsible for the safety of the device can be equipped with a 4.3” display such as, for example, in the model MM500/MM700 designed for VAG cars group. The screen can be switched off with the button and you will be an ordinary mirror. It provides about 20 items, developed for a particular car – so your just there.

A logical continuation of the line was a mirror with a screen and video recorder.

Conveniently, when tired of hanging wires and plastered appliances lobash.

Here still great – more than 40 positions for a specific car, 4.3” screen, touch control and Full HD video recorder.

All easily installed and configured both analog and via the app Gazer Dashcam.

Bright representative of this family of devices is MUW5000/MUW7000, suitable for most European cars.

Continuing the theme of security and go through the DVRs.

You can write a separate comparative article, but the majority of drivers, the requirements are reduced to three main:

  • Small size;
  • Good picture;
  • Cost.

With the size everything is clear, here he still has value because not everyone likes to close the windshield with foreign objects, and then the more compact the better.

The exception is drivers with medical masks on the mirror.

The range of DVRs from Gazer is very wide. From compact and budget to Top-F715 2-channel F750w with display and two remote cameras.

All registrars – it’s a cool picture.

Differ angle, preset surveillance and additional functions, the type of Analytics your driving skills.

Whatever it was, but the thing you need and is especially useful to any motorist. No matter what driving experience and where you ride, protecting your rights will be as supplemented by the DVR. And the video then can be viewed, or spread to YouTube.

Speaking of the video, notice how skillfully parked “in the crack” hefty “Escalade” and other “Kruzak”. And it seems like that’s abut the bumper, and no, I stayed in cm. All this thanks to the video cameras for the car!

In fact, it is clear that this is hardly a surprise, mounting kits are sold everywhere. You do not even always need a screen for your multimedia system, you can install special mirror which wrote above.

Camera rear and front view suitable for all cars, such as for installation in regular places and loose fasteners. You can pick up for your car, or take a universal solution.

The fact that the service life and the quality of the images from Gazer all OK not even going to mention, just accept it.

Different cameras, mostly the viewing angle, image resolution and type of fasteners.

So, for example universal model CC110 uses a CMOS sensor 1?4” which is good for different shooting conditions, and will not fail in any weather.

At the same time, the camera CC150 built on the basis of ultra-sensitive sensor 1 SONY?A 2.7” which had previously been used only in professional video surveillance.

The camera floating frame rate, from 20 to 90 fps and a resolution of 1280×720 (850ТВЛ), which gives a number of advantages. So, for example, when the maximum frame rate possible to avoid blurring of images in motion, decreases the effect of Motion Blur. Decrease frame rate and increase the “shutter-speed” allows to obtain high-quality image with reduced ambient light in the frame.

So you get the image without “blur”, “noise” and other unpleasant pieces and this camera does everything itself.

To simplify and make the process as comfortable as possible Parking can Park assist. The Arsenal brand has something to boast about – this system of the circular review, Parktronic and control of blind zones.

With four cameras placed around the perimeter of the machine, you will be able to see everything around, and the PDC sensors can further increase your passive safety.

Tandem models PA45F and CKR4400 will please the owner after installation for many years, and if you pick up a ready kit for your car, then no one would dare to hint what this “farm”.

Thus having examined a small part of the line HiTech solutions from the brand’s automotive electronics Gazer already have an Arsenal of necessary and important devices. On them depends not only comfort but also real, though passive, your safety on the road. Over the long history of its existence, the brand still managed to combine these two qualities, which all to appreciate.

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