Commercial vehicles can buy GAS in AIS with the benefit of 60 000 UAH.!


In honor of the 27th anniversary of the company in the sales and service AIS network only until the end of November there is a special price offer for a limited stock of commercial vehicles GAZ. Prices reduced up to 60 000 UAH. or 10% and are the most available on the market in its class of equipment!

Business GAZelle caravan (GAZ-2705) with a petrol engine available for only 399 900 UAH.*

GAZelle NEXT side (GAS-A21R22) with Cummins diesel engine available for only 499 900 UAH.*

GAZelle NEXT van (GAS-A31R32) with Cummins diesel engine available for only 599 900 UAH.*

Promotional price for cars GAZelle two to three times cheaper than European counterparts, while GAZelle is not inferior to them in reliability and cost of ownership! Reliable and economical engines, low cost of spare parts and service, allow you to obtain the most optimal operating costs.

GAZelle NEXT and Business a new generation of commercial vehicles. Modern technical solutions, components from leading world manufacturers, special attention to every detail, strict quality control – their distinguishing features, through which the cars run smoothly. Among the main advantages of the new generation cars are:

  • Comfort and excellent handling.
  • High level of functionality.
  • Best-in-class total cost of ownership.
  • Simple design and high maintainability.
  • The possibility of transformation onboard version in the vans heat, grain, manufactured goods and dozens of other special equipment.

Among other benefits of buying car gas in the AIS network are:

  • The ability to acquire car loans and leases, including at special reduced % rates**.
  • Exclusive opportunity to buy a car at trade-In.
  • Assistance in the Gift (the free information and technical service on the road).

By combining the purchase in the loan/lease program trade-in the buyer is able to buy a new car without any initial monetary investment!

Also, recall that in connection with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on prohibition of import 01.07.2019 G. vehicles from, declared and continues final sale model range of GAZ vehicles! Car warehouse limited.

Special price offer is valid at shopping malls Group of companies AIS throughout Ukraine with 31.10.2019 on 30.11.2019 or to complete the sale of the warehouse.

More information on the proposed range of cars, services and current promotional offers can be found on the website and also the hotline of the Group of companies “AIS”: 0-800-500-205 (free from all landlines and mobile phones of Ukrainian operators).

* The price per unit of the 2018 model year on 31.10.2019 the Prices can be changed depending on changes in foreign exchange rates purchases, as well as in the event of a change of commercial policy of the manufacturer. For the purpose of updating prices, you must contact the seller. The benefit is construed as the difference in price of the cost of GAS-A31R32 2018 on 01.09.2019 V. G. and G. 31.10.2019

** Services lending and leasing companies are carried out by partners (banks and leasing companies), having corresponding licenses of the NBU and Goskomfinuslug. More detailed information about the partners and the conditions of programs of crediting and leasing, check with the Seller.

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