Compact Enovate ME5 started in China with a hybrid installation

Compact Enovate ME5 started in China with a hybrid installation


The young company Enovate Motors has opened in China accepting orders for the new compact ME5, which has become the second model of the brand after the mid-size SUV ME7. Unlike its brother, the ME5 is not an electric car, but a hybrid with an iMES “range extender”. Aspirated petrol 1.5 acts as a generator, while the traction electric motor develops 150 kW (204 HP, 310 Nm). Rear-wheel drive. The Mi-5 travels 155 km on electric traction and has a total cruising range of 1,012 km (NEDC). There are two complete sets: ME5 1012 priced at 149,900 yuan ($ 23,200) and ME5 1012 Pro for 159,900 ($ 24,700).

Former Porsche designer Hakan Sarakoglu is responsible for the exterior of the SUV. All lighting equipment is diode by default. The black roof does not require additional payment. Dimensions – 4580? 1915? 1635 mm, between axles 2750. There are three options of tires: 235/55 R18, 245/45 R20, 245/40 R21.

Maximum speed – 160 km / h. The ME5 does not boast of acceleration to hundreds, but the braking distance from 100 km / h is known: 33.9 m. Power steering – electric DP-EPS. The 30.6 kWh lithium-ion battery fills from 30% to 80% in 34 minutes, while a 100% charge takes six hours.

Keyless entry and push-button start are included “in the base” along with a face recognition system and a panoramic roof. The digital tidy is 10.25 inches, the central touchscreen is 14.8. The air conditioner cleans the air according to the CN95 standard. The audio system has eight speakers.

The big brother ME7 with a capacity of 160 kW (218 hp, 330 Nm) is endowed with a range of 410-530 km (NEDC) and asks for 218,800-269,800 yuan ($ 33,800- $ 41,700). There are no reliable statistics on sales of the E-7, but it is clear that the demand is not high. The company promises to release one new model a year from 2023 in order to cover all major cities of the PRC by 2025. There is still money for development, as the last round of funding in October 2020 brought in more than five billion yuan.

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