Compact residential module for Tesla Cybertruck (video)

Compact residential module for Tesla Cybertruck (video)


Stream It has published a video on the CyberLandr compact residential unit. In the future, the innovative camper will be installed in the body of some modifications of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which has not yet entered the conveyor. Judging by the format of the video, the company’s representatives consider the mini-house to be one of the developments that will change the world. However, the prototype is still far from the serial sample.

In the published video Stream It demonstrates developments that at one time became a breakthrough, changing the world forever. These innovations include Karl Benz’s first car, Thomas Edison’s electric incandescent lamp, as well as telephone communications, a personal computer and an online store. At the end of the video, experts focus on the garage, where the future CyberLandr is located.

In fact, this is just a shell of the upcoming mini-house. The roller gives an idea of ​​how the innovative camper will unfold: its two upper parts with tinted windows slowly “grow” out of each other, practically touching the garage ceiling. Whether there is something inside the presented prototype is unknown. One thing is for sure: given that the Cybertruck electric pickup has not yet entered the conveyor, the production CyberLandr model will not appear soon.

At the end of April, Stream It unveiled a compact living unit called CyberLandr for the first time: its width and length are ideal for the Cybertruck cargo platform, and when folded it is completely invisible. At the same time, all the basic amenities were placed inside.

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