Compact “vagi” will lose the diesel, and it’s not “Disilicate”!

Compact “vagi” will lose the diesel, and it’s not “Disilicate”!


According to Matthias Rabe, to abandon diesel engines for compact models will lead to a tightening of European environmental standards. To bring small-displacement turbo engine in compliance with Euro-7, the automakers will have to invest a lot of money, which will make diesels are unreasonably expensive.


Technical Director, Volkswagen stressed that models like Polo and Golf the modernization of the diesels will be economically feasible, however, for a heavy SUV with a large aerodynamic resistance of the motor on “heavy” fuel will remain relevant.

Environmental standards Euro-7 are planning to make it mandatory by 2025, so that at least five years of conveyor life at an economical diesel small car is. Currently, Volkswagen is developing a new lineup of diesel engines with two converters of nitrogen oxides according to the automaker, these units are 80 percent more eco-friendly than conventional engines with “heavy” fuel.

Source: Autocar

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