Compan “NCO avtoal’yans” 10 years: precum s You I for You!


I yulana date provvisto to talk about wrno ways, course development, CDO formulawin CL sadac, professionalism apologist team in h dosagen.

Mi vdacs our clam for choice I proavio dowry. Vascular you WNS sviy Besni of vnesok in our spline USPH. Time mi wilily in life Sami ambt I smov planning.

Tom TSI 10 five years for compan Buli nasienie resultativity.

We are ye chime pisatis!

VSI 10 five years the company “avtoalyans NCO” yea ldera s sale novih avtomobley NISSAN in Ukraine.

More than 4 500 pokuptsiv obrali our Dilerskiy Center for redbana new automoble NISSAN scho becoming 25% from the usih pribanic avtomobley NISSAN CIV CivCity region, de brand NISSAN predstavljajut 6-th oftiny diserv.

Z the time of his Wakita, the company “avtoalyans NCO” uspsa Utria ldirac posits middle diserv NISSAN z servces obslugovuvannya avtomobl, sale of spare Chastain aksesuaru.

10-th years our servea center vdali his Periago Dovile svoï avtomobl more 125 000 Clit. Skin of the day our stations are obsluhou of about 40 avtomobil.

Mi dokladov max susil dwellers Nashi Clit vdouble position EmOC I darumo escrow vrazhennya from skin vdduv our dilerskogo center.

10-th years held Bulo bagato tematichnyh the children Holy, visnich test drivw, presentations of new models, roskrow, yaki vzhe steel tradicine that admire NASM clam. Holy godne not vdbase without podarunkiv, pomsox the Garnier mood.

Dear friends,

thanks scho obrali “NCO avtoal’yans” help our defenders NISSAN dealer, scho Tsikh push stroke 10 years Talishes VI h us!

Mi duzhe CIM pismo I cnum Your dowry.

More detailed information for You by phone: 044 200 90 09 ABO on sit:

Address dilerskogo center “NCO avtoal’yans”: M. Kyiv, Podl, vul. The ship, 4A

Graft schedule showroom: mon-Fri: 09:00-20:00, sat: 10:00-20:00, nd: 10:00-19:00

Graft robots STO: 08:00-21.00, without vidna

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