Company Fiat has stopped production of cars due to coronavirus

Company Fiat has stopped production of cars due to coronavirus


The company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in the Serbian city of Kragujevac halted production of the 500L model. The reason is the lack of components from China, deliveries are delayed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

As reported by Automotive News, the Fiat faced with a shortage of components for the audio system the Fiat 500L, which carry from China. According to preliminary data, the release of subcompartment will be resumed before the end of February. The fact that the coronavirus has affected the work of the European plant, was not unexpected. At the beginning of this month, the head of the FCA Mike Manley admitted such a possibility – according to him, at least four Chinese supplier of Fiat affected by the epidemic.


The suspension of the release of the Fiat 500L was the first time when a shortage of components from an epidemic of China has affected the production of cars in the European enterprise. The first company that announced the idle factories outside of China, was the Hyundai – it has stopped production of cars in South Korea.

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