Compare Corolla c Octavia and Elantra. Whether to wait for revelations?

Compare Corolla c Octavia and Elantra. Whether to wait for revelations?


Choose a car – it is not easy (unless you have ONE favorite model, and an UNLIMITED budget). More classical tests can help in this is that comparison tests. Today we have just that. And compete for your preference will be bestsellers (within the class) Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia and Hyundai Elantra.

Sedans (okay, to be precise – the sedan and liftback) C-class we compared, as objectively as possible, putting each of the cars assessment in the most important categories. From the convenience of the driver position to the practicality of the trunk, from the suspension to the gearbox… Well, you understand.

Each of the sedans (and liftback) there are at least three common features. First, they are all equipped with a gasoline 1.6-liter atmospherically; second, they are all equipped with automatic transmission.

Although even in these General paragraphs, you can find the differences. After the performance the motors are different, the dynamic characteristics of the cars are different (not to mention the fact that some Japanese brands stretching the truth), “machines” operate on two different principles, and the rear row is… Well, a lot of car differences, much.

And besides, although the Corolla and the Octavia and Elantra are the same class, the specification of the car, as well as their price vary greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss what is to pay, and for what. After all, for someone fresh design can be considered as a significant factor, but for someone more important indicator than the volume of the boot, in this world does not exist. And each is in its own right.

But this is not a reason not to compare. It’s interesting to see what can offer each of the competitors. And maybe even change their own opinion.

Offer you to verify this independently. Pleasant viewing!

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