Con Edison develops the world’s first electric car tower

Con Edison develops the world’s first electric car tower


It became known that soon the first electric aerial platform may appear in the world. It is developed by Con Edison.

Con Edison is working with partners Lion Electric and Posi-Plus to develop an electric aerial platform. The equipment will be able to perform all the functions that are necessary for the utilities.

The new truck will be unique on US roads. The company plans to release it as early as 2022. The development will operate exclusively on electric “fuel”. Work lines and equipment are scheduled to rise up to 60 feet. This is necessary for construction, repair and technical work.

Trucks are much more difficult to electrify than cars. However, the existence of the first all-electric forklift shows that the segment will only expand in the future, despite today’s difficulties.

A class 8 truck is capable of working all day long. On a full charge, vehicles can travel up to 130 miles. A full charge is provided in 8 hours.

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