Concept car Peugeot Boxer 4×4 Concept: Adventurer

Concept car Peugeot Boxer 4×4 Concept: Adventurer


Expressive design and innovative design has ensured PEUGEOT BOXER high popularity among buyers since its debut, it has already sold about 720 thousand cars! Now on to the show VDL 2019 meet the new PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT in the form of “adventurer” that challenges the standard canons!

The company PEUGEOT will present a new incarnation of the car for entertaining with a bright personality and good looks. It perfectly combines green main color GREEN WANDERLUST, decor Kohler MINT, upholstery Alcantara GREVAL Grey and natural white stone is a mineral.

The idea and spirit of the concept car is the successor of the PEUGEOT RIFTER 4×4 CONCEPT, the new product is also designed for travel and expeditions on all types of terrain with four-wheel drive DANGEL, special tires and got increased ground clearance.

To ensure full freedom of the impressions, the inner surface area of 10 m2 is almost turned into a full-fledged “home” for three people.

Moreover, the car can carry electric mountain bike PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube and even Canoeing – all thanks to a special trunk-mount on the roof.

Concept car PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT will celebrate its world premiere at the “Exhibition of cars for leisure” (Recreational Vehicle Show), which will be held in Le Bourget from 28 September to 6 October 2019.

Challenge #1: Reimagine the established rules

For the creators of the concept car PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT of primary task was to get out of the traditional world of vans and to demonstrate a new vision of PEUGEOT cars of this class: to revive the segment, to give a sense of freedom, to emphasize the style of adventure, to show the full experience.

Absolute immersion in the natural world contributes to a specific body color – GREEN WANDERLUST. Rich satin pearl hue allows you to achieve harmony with the outside world. Decorative inclusions Kohler MINT adorn the body, and oblique stickers elegant DARK CHROME frame the back of the car, making the design complete.

New grille designed in a modern style Brand: bright metallic risk-interspersed with CAST IRON which emphasizes the protective panel in the lower part of the body and the perforated lining on the wheel arches. The proportions of the front of change due to the deep-planted of the windshield. The car which and without that careful attention to detail and practical, also offers convenient access to windshield and engine compartment.

Return to the base camp of travelers even in the middle of the night will be as easy as in daylight. Your night walks maximum light eight led modules, which are embedded in the body above the windshield.

The concept car is based on PEUGEOT BOXER, in version L3 with a length of 6 m, optimized for adventure: on the inner area of 10 m2 was able to create conditions that are ideal for a comfortable life of three people-travelers.

Inside the car there are four separate areas: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, place for the driver. Numerous compartments, shelves, niches allow you to place all necessary things and equipment for extreme sports and everyday life!

The interior of the concept car is a true time capsule in light, relaxing colours – by the way, a clear contrast with the external design. Wood creates a warm and homely atmosphere, which is enhanced original finish, developed specifically for this concept car. The seats have mesh trim in combination with Alcantara coating GREVAL GREY from the new collection, which first appeared on the e models PEUGEOT-208 GT, HYBRID 508 GT, 508 SW GT HYBRID, the 3008 HYBRID4. Similarly covered and door panels. Color logos BOXER in the color MINT are embroidered in a manner well-known textile brands. Seat belts and Gill ventilation is also decorated in the color MINT: original, unusual, memorable.

In accordance with other current models of the Brand, the internal space of the car has a fabric finish. Another detail left unattended: chrome door handles replaced with a matte coated CAST IRON with a satin shade.

Objective #2: to be Treated with respect and knowledge to the world

At the core of the concept of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT is its environmental performance and endurance. Thus, in the arrangement of the cabin, special attention was paid to the choice of materials: table, working surface, sink made of natural white mineral ARAGONITE, which combines the hardness of natural stone with the beauty of ceramics. And the whole floor is entirely made of recycled material, which can later be recycled! Used plastics, of which 85% consists of fuel tanks, 10% of the bottles for milk and, finally, 5% of various other packages white color (for example, packaging for soap). For 50 kg of recycled plastic allows for a 75 kg reduce CO2 emissions compared to standard plastic production floor.

To minimize harm on the environment, PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT uses the technology of purification of exhaust gas of the DPF and the SCR, thereby meets the latest standards of Euro 6 emissions.

Concept car PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT is not just a style. This is a car that is ready to give confidence and comfort in all conditions: on gravel and mud, on snow covered roads and mountains.

So the car was all-wheel drive 4×4 DANGEL, which consists of the viscous coupling and transfer box installed in the front. All-wheel drive is activated using a 3-position switch on the left side of the instrument panel. The driver can choose from three driving modes:

  • the 2WD mode is for the simple daily commute on roads with a good level of grip;
  • 4WD mode for torque transfer to the rear wheels in case of slippage of the front wheels and stop the vehicle;
  • LOCK – to lock the rear differential, which can be useful for extreme driving conditions.

Four high-end tires only increase the efficiency of all-wheel drive. Concept car PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT features a special off-road tyres provided by the company BF Goodrich. These tyres are renowned for their endurance, strength and original appearance, providing excellent traction off-road.

Clearance concept PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT has been increased by 30 mm front and 50 mm rear, which allows to overcome most obstacles.

You are the coolest slopes with powerful engine Power: 165, which is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and develops decent torque of 370 Nm.

PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT even has a canoe from the canadian walnut – all for unlimited impressions! A canoe stored on the roof of the car, in a special boot which is manufactured in order to leave the possibility of opening the hatch in the ceiling. And convenient side ladder located behind the wheel arch, allows easy access to the roof, while keeping the access to the equipment on the side of the body.

Finally, there is even a mountain bike with an electric drive PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube: it is the latest generation of electric bicycles from PEUGEOT. Compact traction battery is integrated directly into the frame, so the design of the bike was solid, soft and complete. Thanks to the dual suspension you will be able to overcome the most difficult routes and forest trails. Electric bike is kept on a special stand-towbar at the rear of the concept. Moreover, its color is the identical color MINT colored accents and decoration of the car, at the same time it contrasts with the matte black doors.

Thanks to a new navigation system with 9-inch touch screen you will never go astray from the intended path. This system will build a route based on the size of the car and avoid roads where there are size restrictions. The new navigation is compatible with the WAZE app that allows you to monitor traffic jams and traffic in real-time. It is also possible to simultaneously connect two phones, display images with front/back HD camera to have full control over the situation.

Task #3: Collect the best craftsmen

The last task was to piece together the works of the best masters of their craft partners, encourage them to creative solutions and to create a unique car.

For example, four-wheel drive developed together with the company DANGEL, a longtime partner of the Brand and a well-known professional in the development of AWD systems. By the way, their logo on the occasion of the collaboration is also designed in the color MINT.

Another example: sink, counter, table supplied by KERROCK. And the firm ALPINE, a specialist in multimedia, was responsible for creating the navigation and entertainment system.

Finally, start-up SASMINIMUM developed a flooring in the framework of the project “Le Pave”. Start-up specializiruetsya on the recycling of plastic, which is usually not recyclable. It was established by four young architects in 2017. The raw material is more expensive, but this purchase financed social and environmental initiatives of the organization – this is evidenced by the insignia of Waste&Hope. There is no doubt that this material will be 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

Concept car PEUGEOT BOXER 4×4 CONCEPT will celebrate its world premiere at the “Exhibition of cars for leisure” (Recreational Vehicle Show), which will be held in Le Bourget from 28 September to 6 October 2019.

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