Concept R ES33 with 4D radar

Concept R ES33 with 4D radar


Chinese automaker SAIC has unveiled a new concept for its R brand called ES33, with a production variant slated to arrive in the second half of 2022.

A key feature of the R ES33 is a comprehensive suite of autonomous driving systems consisting of no less than 33 sensors, including 4D imaging radar, Luminar lidar, laser radar, ultrasonic radar and advanced Nvidia chips. The concept also uses advanced 5G-V2X technology to communicate with other vehicles and the outside world. SAIC claims the 4D radar is so advanced it can detect a can of coke up to 140 meters away, according to Car News China.

Car designers in China have really stepped up their game in recent years. ES33 looks special. Since it is fully electric, there is no traditional grille at the front, but there are elegant LED daytime running lights. The designers also took note of the sides of the concept, creating clean lines and wrinkled surfaces.

As impressive as the front and sides of the ES33 are, the rear is the most attractive thanks to the clever 3D LED light strip that protrudes from the rest of the body.

SAIC has not yet outlined the powertrain that will be used in the production model, but it should provide a range of up to 700 km on the NEDC cycle. SAIC is also working on battery replacement technology that will replace a battery pack in just two minutes.

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