Concept Yamaha XT500 H2O

Concept Yamaha XT500 H2O


Yamaha XT500 was a great Enduro, almost unbreakable. It requires minimal servicing and to deal with complex tasks. In Yamaha decided to dream what could be a Yamaha XT500 in the future. The project realized by the designer Maxim Lefebvre. After three iterations, has turned the concept H2O XT500 Yamaha that runs on water.

Maxim assumes that the motorcycles of the future will be equipped with innovative engines that run on water. The water passes through the high-pressure system to rotate the rear wheel. This form of drive is inexhaustible, presumably. The details, of course, are not specified, as it is a dream.


The rest of the design of the motorcycle is very futuristic angular body kit, white rubber, large brake discs with calipers Yamaha, unusual fork design.

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