Concern General Motors introduced a new autopilot


Concern General Motors announced the development of a new Ultra Cruise autopilot. As the name suggests, Ultra Cruise is an evolution of the Super Cruise autopilot available for Cadillac models and more recently for Chevrolet vehicles. Both technologies will exist in parallel, but they will be installed on machines of different segments. The version with the Super prefix is ‚Äč‚Äčintended for mass models, and the Ultra is for premium cars. The advanced autopilot will only start rolling out in 2023, with Cadillac being the first to receive it.

The Ultra Cruise system collects information about the environment from several cameras, radars, and lidar, which provide a 360-degree view and create a 3-dimensional image of objects in the field of view of this system. Then the “raw” streams of information are processed by a computing platform with 5nm chips. The architecture is scalable, according to General Motors, and will grow with new features as changes are released.

Unlike the Super Cruise system, the new autopilot can recognize traffic lights, guide the car along the route of on-board navigation, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front, monitor the speed limit, change lane automatically or on demand, as well as turn and self-park in driveways.

The new autopilot will communicate with the driver through the Ultra Cruise Dynamic Display. The display will show, for example, prompts and notifications about the need to take control of the machine. The technology will be able to handle up to 95% of driving scenarios and will work on US and Canadian highways with a total length of 3.2 million kilometers. Moreover, these are not only large highways, but also country roads, as well as roads located inside residential areas.

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