Concern Great Wall opened a fourth factory in China

Concern Great Wall opened a fourth factory in China


New “smart factory” is situated in Unrine district of Chongqing, the area of 70.8 hectares (the building is of 36.6 hectares). The construction price of 4.5 billion yuan lasted 14 months.


Existing factories the Great Wall and its subsidiaries are based in the North of China in Baoding, Suesue and Tianjin (two of them we visited). A new company with a capacity of 160,000 vehicles per year opened in the South-West of the country, in Chongqing. It will be the fifth global production base, because the plant near Tula is also considered. So as the Great Wall became the truck brand, the main model on the site, will truck P Series. He will be joined by an unnamed large SUV (obviously, Haval H9).

But four plants in China Great Wall is not enough. You need to build three more playgrounds in the East (in Riga, Pingyao and Shanghai). In addition, by agreement with the BMW Group it is necessary to erect a plant in Zhangjiagang for the production of electric cars Mini. Outside of China, major planned plants in Ecuador, Malaysia and Tunisia.

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