Concern Hyundai will switch to solid-state batteries

Concern Hyundai will switch to solid-state batteries


Hyundai intends to use Factorial Energy solid-state batteries in its electric vehicles. To do this, both sides intend to exchange their best practices on this promising technology.

Currently, solid-state batteries as part of batteries are one of the progressive trends in the global automotive industry. Most manufacturers have a particular interest in this technology. For example, Ford and BMW are now actively funding the American company Solid Power, which will become the official supplier of these two brands.

Apparently, Hyundai considered this experience very successful, and also decided to join forces with some promising company. The partner was Factorial Energy, based in Woburn, Massachusetts.

As noted in the official press release, Factorial’s developments are based on FEST technology (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology), which uses a special material with a solid electrolyte to ensure safe and reliable operation of cells with high voltage electrodes. FEST is safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries. In addition, electric vehicles with such batteries have 20-50% longer range than vehicles with less advanced batteries.

More information has yet to be revealed. Hyundai has not announced the timing of the appearance of models with solid-state batteries, nor the approximate characteristics of such electric cars.

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