Concern Stellantis announced a large-scale deal with Amazon

Concern Stellantis announced a large-scale deal with Amazon


The agreement between Amazon and Stellantis will include cooperation in the automotive sector in a number of areas, but the main one will be the creation of a new multimedia system by Amazon specialists. In turn, Stellantis will supply the largest online retailer with a batch of electric vehicles to ensure the delivery of goods.

It is reported that the new multimedia system will be available to Stellantis in 2024 and will be called STLA SmartCockpit. The new software is expected to allow drivers to use voice commands to control vehicle functions, provide access to AI-enhanced apps, and enable Alexa voice assistant integration and online shopping.

Another “feature” of STLA SmartCockpit will be an easy adjustment of functionality for a specific model. For example, for the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, they will offer a system that can plan a route for recreation, recommend attractions and restaurants or cafes, and also entertain children on the road. For off-road vehicles, the system will allow you to analyze the route traveled and reconfigure the vehicle’s systems for off-road conditions.

Of course, with the help of the voice assistant Alexa, users will be able to control smart home systems, or vice versa – to control, for example, the car’s climate control using voice commands while at home.

In turn, Stellantis will provide Amazon with access to the latest Ram ProMaster Battery Electric Vehicle, which will go on sale next year. It is supposed to be used to deliver goods within the city.

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