Concerns of GM and the Volkswagen Group will not produce hybrid cars


Two of the largest group – the German VAG and American General Motors intend to abandon the production of cars with hybrid power plants, which will replace the pure electric cars.

According to the Wall Street Journal, automakers “look at cars with hybrid engines in which the petrol engine is used together with the electric motor only as an interim solution in order to comply with stringent environmental standards.”


Recall that the General Motors will produce 20 types of electric vehicles in the next 4 years. Among them Marco cars Chevrolet and Cadillac. Volkswagen, in turn, organizes in the U.S. in 2020 the production of compact electric crossover, and in 2022 – van.

According to analysts, in 2018 the share of cars with hybrid engines sold in the United States did not exceed 3%, while the share of electric cars on the market amounted to about 1%. Experts believe that in the period up to 2023 automotive companies around the world invest in the sector of environmentally clean cars of about 225 billion dollars, which will produce approximately 200 types of electric vehicles.

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