Consumption of liquefied gas rose to record levels and surpassed gasoline

Consumption of liquefied gas rose to record levels and surpassed gasoline


Consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Ukraine in 2019 increased by 11.1%, compared with 2018, to 2.03 million tonnes, according to the results of the study of “Consulting group A-95”. Moreover, in 2019, the market volume of LPG in tons for the first time exceeded the volume of the market of gas in 2019, was 1.95 million tonnes.

According to the analyst of “Consulting group A-95” Artem Kuyun, the total increase has exceeded expectations formed earlier. “At the end of 9 months we went on a 7-9% increase of the market, but by the end of the year, the growth rate increased”, – said A. Kuiun.

The expert believes that the strong growth was the result of record-low retail price ratio of gas to gasoline A-95, which is the average for 2019 was 42.2% vs 46.1% in 2018 According to estimates, “A-95”, the increase in the consumption of LPG is linked to the ongoing refurbishment of transport under the use of propane-butane, and higher demand from existing customers.


“Potential Park equipment LPG vehicles has not been fully tapped, and the old consumers are more to go. Traders also noted the intensification on the part of industrial enterprises in the first place, systems for drying grain. This creates prerequisites for growth of consumption in the following periods”.

Domestic production of LPG has increased by 6.1% (25 kt), up to 438 thousand tons, but its share in the balance of the market declined from 22.5 to 21.5%. The largest producer remains of JSC “Ukrgasdobycha” with the amount of 176 thousand tons.

The import of LPG in 2019 with respect to the amount of “Karpatneftekhim” increased by 12.5% (178 thousand tonnes), up 1.6 million tonnes.

Direct deliveries from in 2019 increased by 36%, to 694 thousand tons and the share ofn gas in the balance of the market increased from 28% to 34%. Thus, returned to the place of the largest source of LPG supply to the Ukrainian market, ahead of Belarus.


The volume of direct supply from Kazakhstan has increased by 18% to 297 thousand tons, and their share in the balance amounted to 14.6%.

Marine imports of LPG in 2019 rose to the highest for the entire observation period of 58 kt, which corresponds to 3% of the balance of the market. Compared to 2018, the volume of Maritime imports grew 3.2 times.

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