Contactless touch display from JLR

Contactless touch display from JLR


Concern Jaguar Land Rover in collaboration with Cambridge University has developed a technology that will reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, as well as make media management more intuitive. We are talking about the so-called system Predictive Touch contactless touch screen.

Advanced technology developed in the framework of the program Destination Zero – zero accidents, zero congestion and zero emissions – which after the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 has been added and “zero bacteria”. In the “new normality”, says the company, after the removal of all limits, safe and clean mobility will be regarded as a significant advantage, so the introduction of such technologies is fully justified.


System Predictive monitors Touch motion using computer vision and RF sensors. The incoming information is processing a software platform based on artificial intelligence, which anticipates the driver’s intentions to tap the screen and activates the specified area. Laboratory studies have shown that contactless touchscreen display reduces the chance of accidental presses by 50 percent and also reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses.

These and future developments of Jaguar Land Rover uses drones. For example, in the Shuttle Vector Project, the test which the English roads in Coventry will start in 2021. Capsule, according to the company, equipped with the necessary equipment to becoming a full-fledged drone, with a fourth or fifth level of autonomy. Cabin Vector transformirovalsya depending on the task: the Shuttle can be adapted for personal use or sharing service trips, as well as for courier services and delivery of “last mile”.

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