Continental introduced a smart motorhome

Continental introduced a smart motorhome


Continental is primarily known for the development and production of tires, but also deals with electronics, autonomous shuttles, hybrids and unusual wheels. Another direction is the design of residential premises. To demonstrate its capabilities in this area, the company has developed the ContiHome mobile home from scratch.

The prototype shows that you can fully sleep, cook, eat, relax and work on an area of ​​​​only 32 square meters. Inside there are several functional zones that are easily reconfigured as needed, and the acoustic system and lighting are configured in the application on a smartphone or using a touch screen located at the front door.

Furniture is multifunctional. For example, sofas serve as a place for eating, and a study, and a living area. There is even an electric fireplace hidden in the kitchen. Window profiles are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. All the materials that are used in the interior are easy to clean and last a long time – also a kind of concern for nature.

The highlights of Continental are digitally printed faux leather wall coverings in the sleeping area and a signature clock that tells the time through backlit translucent material.

“With our ContiHome, we want to invite customers and partners to think outside the box. That’s why we have combined the various characteristics of our products into one project that is both innovative and intelligent,” said Ralph Imbury, Director of Materials Innovation at Continental.

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