Contrary: Volvo will not get rid of sedans and station wagons

Contrary: Volvo will not get rid of sedans and station wagons


Volvo CEO Hokan Samuelsson confirmed that the company will not abandon the production of sedans and station wagons, although they are not in such demand as crossovers and SUVs. At least the brand does not plan to completely get rid of cars, although their range may be cut in favor of off-road vehicles. By the end of 2021, Volvo sold more than 525 thousand cars of the SUV segment against 174 thousand sedans and station wagons S60 / V60 and S90 / V90.

Volvo continues to electrify its lineup and future successors to the current S60 / V60 and S90 / V90 will be electrified. According to Samuelsson, the sedans and station wagons of the brand will become “more squat and less boxy than they are now” – this will improve the aerodynamics of cars, which plays an important role in electric cars.

The brand also plans to abandon indexes in favor of full-fledged names for cars. According to preliminary data, the new name will be the first to try on the next XC90, which will become fully electric – it is tipped with the name Embla, borrowed from Scandinavian mythology.

As for electrification, Volvo expects to sell more than 150 thousand electric cars worldwide in 2022 against 25.7 thousand in 2021. And already in 2025 they will account for 50 percent of total sales.

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