Converted Monster 6×6 Jeep Gladiator!

Converted Monster 6×6 Jeep Gladiator!


This is a $175,000 Apocalypse Sinister 6 😱 – a six-wheeler monster converted Jeep Gladiator!Thanks to @southflordiajeeps & the owner!Check out Car Wars here @carwarsYT

oh my lord that’s so loud so what’s up supercar vloggy fam look what i got we’re in beautiful newport beach california and we got our hands on this thing which is called the apocalypse sinister six and i guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it because when i first saw this my jaw hit the floor this is basically a jeep gladiator but it’s a six by six and it’s completely pimped out top to bottom inside out i’m gonna take you guys through it step by step but first just take a moment to kind of absorb a 360 little degree angle of the entire car so anyways my name is sergia some of you may already know you might have seen me on the best show on the internet called car wars i said that here on the supercar blondie channel look she always does the same to to car war so i feel like it’s okay to spam a little bit of my uh my show on here in case you don’t know it’s basically a little bit of a comedy show where we compare different celebrity or personalities car collections like we’ll get kim jong-un versus ed sheeran it doesn’t make a lot of sense but we just compare their car collections anyways talk a little bit about them or just kind of dick around a lot of dumb stuff but it’s a great time so i will take this moment to squeeze out some of you guys go ahead and subscribe let’s kind of go in with the most obvious part which is the fact that they added two extra wheels you don’t just add two extra wheels first of all these are 40 inch tires which naturally make the entire car lift up way more but to make these things work you need to add a completely separate come under here middle axle and extend the drive shaft and these tires they are not just here for show they actually work you can switch between four by four or six by six mode these things have traction and they’ve completely changed the way that you can drive this car you can put it off-road put on different terrains and like the normal gladiator what makes the gladiator unique is you have a bed in the back that doesn’t change here the difference is that with this one this is way higher up a bit harder to kind of get up there but the entire car is meant to look super aggressive what you’ll also see are these massive exhaust pipes one of my favorite parts so you’re getting close you’ll see that this is not just normal paints it’s like this rugged kind of aggressive texture which fits the entire car you’ll see that these things stick out completely that’s because this car has been completely stripped not just on the interior but on the exterior as well over here you have these falcon racing suspensions and the suspension itself is what makes the car look so tall this thing is eight feet and one inches it’s so big that if you want to get inside you need a little step because without that step you’re gonna be in trouble i mean imagine trying to get in you literally have to use this hand like if you tried to get in without the step like yeah pretty good workout but that’s not what you’re trying to do on your day-to-day now how much does this thing cost the normal gladiator is about 33 to 44 thousand dollars this thing is five times more but why is it just because it looks nice no you have this little badge over here ls3 6.2 l v8 that might give you a hint before we get into that i want you guys to just appreciate how incredibly aggressive this front looks look at the headlights and the grille the hood kind of sticks out it has all these vents these are all custom new panels and up here you have a reinforced windshield in case like you’re battling it out with other cars on the road now i’m going to open these things up you have this little button right here just push that and bring that back and under the hood what you have is a corvette engine what the hell this is a v8 corvette engine that produces 500 horsepower when is the last time that you’ve seen a corvette engine inside of a jeep this thing goes zero to 60 in 4.8 seconds now who’s made all this possible right here soflo jeeps that’s south florida jeeps and what they do is they take gladiators and jeeps like this and completely give it a facelift inside out under the hood all that stuff they have three different models of their apocalypse range they have this one which is a sinister six they have the doomsday and they have the hellfire with all these cars you can actually swap the engines you can get a normal turbo diesel you can get a corvette engine like this one or you can get a hellcat which goes from zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds produces 707 horsepower absolute animal all right let’s take a look at the interior they completely changed the stitching all of this is new has this kind of red and black super cool and aggressive look to it now this thing also detaches out here now i’m going to turn it on this thing makes so much sound when you when you accelerate it let’s turn it on start stop right here that is crazy we saw this thing accelerating before on the road and we were not ready for the sound at all i’ll show you guys that in just a second right over here you have your gear selector with this red kind of trigger and here next to it you can actually select the mode to switch it between four by four and six by six mode get inside let’s take it for a drive you’re so up high like you feel like you’re the king of the road with this thing and driving with six wheels is a unique experience because you have to be aware of how long this thing is so i’m always eyeballing the rear view mirrors now let’s floor it oh my floor that is crazy but i do love the fact that it’s like out in the open like this is just a nice car to cruise around it’s like to be honest i’m enjoying this a lot more than i thought i would this is this is great got a little thumbs up seal of approval yeah yeah america this little thing what is that a card for ants that’s right reverse you don’t want this smoke we got a jeep right there he just turned around right so that’s it uh don’t forget to subscribe to supercar blondie and you might as well subscribe to car wars as well i’ll see you guys in the next episode or probably alex will thanks for watching also huge thanks to south florida jeeps and the owner of this car mr frigoso thank you so much gracias

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