Convertible Wuling Hongguang caught during testing

Convertible Wuling Hongguang caught during testing


A prototype of a convertible miniature electric Wuling Hongguang Mini EV was spotted on the streets of China. The concept car was unveiled back in the spring at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Despite the heavy use of camouflage, the Mini EV’s recognizable features are clear. Note that in addition to the folding soft roof, the concept cabriolet was distinguished by the presence of only two seats instead of four, the presence of a roll cage and decorative elements on the bumper and doors. However, the decor did not particularly affect the overall composition, and it was impossible to see it at all on the noticed prototype. The car will be made on the basis of the restyled Hongguang, which received new lighting equipment.

On the technical side, the convertible is fully consistent with the standard Hongguang Mini EV. The driver has one 27 hp electric motor at his disposal. with a torque of 85 Nm. There are two batteries to choose from, which can provide a range of 120 and 170 km. Obviously, the open version will have different range figures due to changes in aerodynamics and weight.

Note that recently, Wuling has practically stopped developing the lineup of full-size cars, focusing solely on miniature electric cars. One of the recent announcements is the two-seater Nano EV, which is a rebrand of the Baojun E200. The novelty will be released in a special color with the characters of the animated films of the Disney studio. At the same time, the technical characteristics are even higher than those of Hongguang.

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