Cool restoration of a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman (video)

Cool restoration of a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman (video)

On the YouTube channel Restoration Worlds appeared 10-minute video, which destroyed the scale model of the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S 650 restore to the perfect condition. What happened to the toy car, unknown – judging by the nature of the damage, the limo spent a long time under water.

To start the master disconnect door and the bottom covered with caked mud, took out the interior and take him apart. All items are immersed in a soap solution and cleaned with a stiff brush, then removed the peeling paint. The next step was polishing with a brush with corrugated steel wire and sandpaper.


Updated details are re-coated with black spray paint and started Assembly. Doors that model has not been opened, installed it on a new metal hinges and the front optics had to re-draw manually. In addition, toy Pullman again got glowing lights and “beep”, operating on two batteries.

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