Cooler than Tesla: Genesis topped the ranking of the most high-tech car brands

Cooler than Tesla: Genesis topped the ranking of the most high-tech car brands


Experts from the American agency J.D. Power has published its next annual ranking of technological innovation in new cars. In a new study, they found out which car brands boasted the most technologies in 2021 and how much they liked consumers. For this, the TXI (Tech Experience Index) index was developed, which takes into account the number of “chips” and the satisfaction of the owners with their work.

In J.D. Power notes that despite the rapid development of technologies, not all of them bring tangible benefits, but they significantly increase the cost of the car. Research shows that in the first three months of ownership, nearly half of consumers enjoy at best only a third of the high-tech options available in a car. In 2021, the South Korean brand Genesis topped the TXI rating with 634 points, both in the overall standings and among the premium brands. In second place is Cadillac (551 points), followed by last year’s leaders Volvo (550), BMW (545) and Mercedes-Benz (523).

Hyundai became the most high-tech automotive brand in the mass segment with 519 points. It is followed by Kia (510 points), Nissan (502), Subaru (499) and GMC (498). Tesla had the highest score (668 points), but the electric car maker again did not make it to the final standings due to non-compliance with the research criteria – the company still bans J.D. Power polls its clients in 15 states. The rating was compiled on the basis of a survey of 110,827 owners of new cars manufactured in 2021 from February to July of this year in the United States.

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