Corolla with hydrogen DVS completes 24-hour race

Corolla with hydrogen DVS completes 24-hour race


Toyota recently completed a 24-hour race in a Corolla modified to run on hydrogen.

The Japanese Corolla entered the Super Taikyu series at the end of May. Toyota President Akio Toyoda lingered behind the wheel. During the race, the car covered 358 laps and covered 1,634 km.

Everything went without a hitch, as the modified Corolla spent about 8 hours in the pit lane solving various problems. In addition, during testing, it took about 4 hours to fill the tanks with hydrogen.

Unlike most hydrogen cars, which use sophisticated fuel cells and electric motors, the Corolla for the 24-hour race had the same turbocharged 1.6-liter 3-cylinder engine as the GR Yaris modified to run on compressed hydrogen, not gasoline. This compressed hydrogen was stored in four carbon fiber fuel tanks at the rear of the hatchback.

According to Nikkei Asia, Corolla tanks needed refueling at least 35 times during the race. In comparison, most of the other gas-fueled members only had to refuel 20 times.

Speaking after the race, Akio Toyoda confirmed that he supports hydrogen as an alternative to electric cars.

“Electric cars are central to electrification, and if everything switches to electric cars, there will be 1 million jobs lost in Japan,” he told local reporters.

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