Coronavirus cleared the environment

Coronavirus cleared the environment


The study of this issue is the research organization Global Carbon Project. Her colleagues have analyzed how COVID-19 impact on global CO2 emissions.

According to their calculations, restrictions and quarantine measures introduced in different countries against the background of the pandemic coronavirus, has helped to reduce the daily values of harmful emissions by an average 17% (in early April). Most of all it was noticeable in the case of land transport (a reduction of 36%). In this sector, according to scientists, generated 20.6% of global CO2. Fixed slowdown has reduced global CO2 emissions by 43%. A report appeared in the journal Nature.


The Global Carbon Project noted that the new coronavirus has affected the structure of demand for energy around the world. So, because of the pandemic, the work was suspended many businesses also fell sharply the number of trips on the transport.

CO2 emissions from transport grew despite tougher economy and almost universal spread of electric cars and hybrids. The pandemic was able to reverse this situation. This statistic allowed experts to predict that the lifting of restrictions by mid-June the global level of CO2 to fall by 4%. If some measures will continue to apply until the end of 2020, will achieve vosmibratov reduction.

By the way, another group of scientists saw in pandemic another trend: after its termination will increase the popularity of electric cars.

Earlier, the company Mazda has announced that electric cars can harm the environment stronger than a diesel car. It’s all in the batteries, which are also harmful to the environment.

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