Coronavirus deprived Lincoln electric crossover

Coronavirus deprived Lincoln electric crossover


The Ford motor company and startup Rivian refused to co-developing an electric crossover for the brand Lincoln. The decision is due to “the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19,” writes Automotive News.

In April 2019, Ford and Rivian announced the beginning of cooperation, in which the American manufacturer has promised to invest in a startup $ 500 million, and that, in turn, to provide a platform-skateboard for the construction of a new electric car. At the end of January 2020, it became known that “truck” will give Lincoln where he will create a “car of the SUV segment”, radically different from their own SUV Rivian, R1S.

Now Ford decided to scrap the project, saying it “current conditions”. The main reason is the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus infection, which has forced companies worldwide to stop the plant and to reduce costs. The pandemic has seriously affected sales, including electric vehicles, so Ford, not only to him, had to adjust plans on introduction of new models and abandon further development of the most risky of them.


However, neither Ford nor Lincoln will not abandon future plans for the electrification of the model range, just a little shift at a time. According to rumors, initially Lincoln intended to build not one electric crossover, but two. It was assumed that both models had access to the markets of North America and China by 2022. Now the company is talking about some “alternative model”, but without details.

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