Coronavirus hopefully: Tesla is gaining momentum in China

Coronavirus hopefully: Tesla is gaining momentum in China


Today (April 10) in Tesla announced that the automaker began to sell in China two versions of Model 3, built at the company’s factory in Shanghai. This means that all Model 3 sedans sold in China now have local production, and therefore are not subject to import tax.

Turn of events happens at the end of the trade war between China and the United States, characterized by reciprocal duties on goods (from metals to cars). Because of this, the price of American goods in China grew.

Also sales local Tesla in the Chinese market was preceded by the suspension of the Tesla factory in California due to pandemic. To restart pre-production is scheduled may 4.

Tesla Model 3

The company announced plans to begin deliveries of Model 3 Long Range Chinese production since June of this year at a price (after subsidies) in 339 050 yuan. At the current exchange rate is still around 48 to 180 US dollars.

A variant with rear-wheel drive, able to cover over 600 miles without recharging, is different from the imported version. Introduced Model 3 was equipped with all-wheel drive, and its cost was equal to 439 900 yuan (about 62 511 dollars).

According to representatives of Tesla, the cost produced on the Tesla Giga factory Shanghai sedan’s Performance version, the supply of which is scheduled for the first quarter of next year, will be (excluding subsidies) 419 800 yuan, which is equal to 59 654 dollars. Imported same Model 3 Performance was evaluated in 509 900 yuan (72 $ 458).


It should be noted that this step differs from the previous plan by Elon musk, according to which Tesla would only produce more affordable versions of the Model 3 sedan at the company’s factory in Shanghai.

In March, the American manufacturer has sold in China 10 160 electric cars (for comparison, in February, it sold 3900 auto). This result is the highest monthly figure of the sold cars in China in the history of Tesla. And this despite the fact that the level of sales of passenger cars in China because of the coronavirus fell by more than 40 %.

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