Coronavirus kills the secondary? Market analysis


In March on numbers of switched 18.6 thousand used cars imported from abroad, according to Ukrautoprom.

Compared to March last year the number of registrations of these cars fell by 61 percent. This situation was caused by the fact that the last two weeks of the month the Service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the conditions of the quarantine ceased to render services on registration not a new car.


But even so, imported second-hand continues to occupy a dominant position in the primary market of passenger cars. So in March from 24.8 thousand cars for the first time put on record in the Ukraine, the new was only every fourth car. As a result, the completion of the car Park of the country in the past month, 75% consisted of cleared cars with mileage.

Most popular used-shnym car of the month remains the Volkswagen Passat. In March 2020, the Ukrainians have brought and managed to register a 1099 used trade winds.

Second, with a small gap from the leader was Renault Megane, last month on numbers of 1084 cars crossed this model.

In third place is Skoda Octavia with result – 982 cleared and registered car.

The Volkswagen Golf, owners of this model started 861 Ukrainian.


Closes the five of leaders – the Ford Focus with a score of 695 the March registrations.

Overall, the results of the first quarter of 2020 the Ukrainian residence received 79,5 thousand imported from other countries of used cars, which is almost 57% lower than a year earlier. But despite this, their share in the primary market amounted to 80 percent.

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