Coronavirus prevented the flow of used cars from Lithuania

Coronavirus prevented the flow of used cars from Lithuania


Used cars from Lithuania are still in demand in Ukraine, however, the purchase of such cars has become much more difficult due to the changed market conditions amid the pandemic.

Such conclusions can be drawn from the article-analysis of the Lithuanian used car market published by the edition.

The biggest factor that made the purchase more difficult is the increase in prices. According to Arturas Mizaras, head of the online project, the cost of cars in Lithuania has increased by 30% over the past year (the largest price jump occurred in the fall of 2020). The rise in prices was influenced by the fact that, due to quarantine restrictions, it became more difficult to import used cars from other countries to Lithuania, because of this, supply decreased, while demand fell slightly.

The Lithuanian secondary housing has really become less voluminous. If before the pandemic it was possible to choose from 1,500 cars on the market, now it is about 300. “Previously, an average of 10 auto transporters arrived a day. Now – two for the whole week “, – said the director of the Kaunas car market Valentinas Naujanis.

In addition, it became more difficult to get to Lithuania itself – additional costs appeared, such as passing a mandatory test for COVID-19 when crossing the border. According to local traders, Ukrainians come to the market, but to cover the costs, they buy cars in large quantities – even 10 units.

“In Ukraine, cars have become cheaper, and in Lithuania – more expensive. The difference between buying here and selling in Ukraine has narrowed, and now we earn much less. And even when you come here [to Lithuania – ed.] To the market, it is difficult to choose [a car – ed.] From such a small offer, “Ruslan Bekhter, a car buyer from Ukraine, told the Lithuanian media.

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