Coronavirus “saved” the life of the e-Golf

Coronavirus “saved” the life of the e-Golf


Supply obsolete electric car will last at least until the end of the year, despite the fact that in November 2019 was launched the newest Volkswagen ID.3 on a modular platform MEB.

Retail sales of the Volkswagen e-Golf began in 2014, but in 2016, the electric hatchback has undergone restyling and modernization, which resulted in the capacity of its battery has increased from 24.2 to 35.8 kWh. the battery powers a single electric motor producing 100 kW (136 HP), torque of the front wheels. The range on a single charge is 231 km by cycle WLTP. Top speed is limited at 150 km/h. Acceleration to 100 km/h in 9,3 s.


The current generation of the Volkswagen e-Golf – the first and only and Golf the eighth generation, which debuted in October last year, a pure electric version is not available. It was assumed that instead of the new e-Golf buyers will be offered a hatchback ID.3 – the electric car of new generation, created on a modular platform of the original MEB with a flat battery under the floor (45, 58 or 77 kWh). But recently it was found that ID.3 had serious problems with the software, and since November last year, the plant in Zwickau, officially launched in the presence of Angela Merkel, produces no full electric cars, and, as aptly expressed by the German press, “cans”, that is, semi-finished products, which Volkswagen accumulates on huge warehouse near Leipzig in anticipation of the pouring of the software.

Without the software the EVS ID.3 just can’t function normally, and the software is so crude that informal sources call the situation catastrophic. According to initial plans ID.3 was supposed to come out on the market this summer, but now that likely will not happen, and the manufacturer blamed the delay on the auto industry paralyzed coronavirus. But electric cars are the Volkswagen need the air not to pay a huge (about 4.5 billion Euro) environmental fine in Europe over excessive CO2 emissions, and therefore instead of ID.3 German mark will still sell the e-Golf.

Vlog rental company Nextmove published extract from internal document Volkswagen, according to which the production e-Golf will continue at least until September of this year, orders will be taken until at least October, but these dates may be postponed in view of uncertainty of the situation.


In the first two months of this year, e-Golf, despite the outdated filling, has managed to become the third most popular electric car in Europe: 7078 sold copies. The leader segment was the Renault Zoe (395 miles on a single charge) – 16 230 PCs., in the second place Peugeot e-208 (340 km) – 7375 PCs, the fourth – the Nissan Leaf (385 km) – 5745 PCs, on the fifth Tesla Model 3 (409-560 km) – 5104 PCs.


The minimum price of the Volkswagen e-Golf in Germany is 31 900 euros, while Volkswagen ID.3 in the basic version will be offered in less than 30 thousand euros, but when it is, it seems, does not know even the company Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, the regular Golf with the change of generations has lost the title of absolute bestseller in Europe after the honorary title of Renault Clio.

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