Coronavirus threw dozens of electric cars to the junkyard in the US


One of the American operators of car sharing, the company BlueIndy from Indianapolis, went bankrupt during a pandemic. As a result, dozens of unclaimed electric vehicles from the fleet of the company was literally dumped.

BlueIndy firm existed about five years and has provided the residents of Indianapolis electric cars for short term rental – its fleet consisted of 280 vehicles. However, the pandemic of coronavirus seriously hit the market-share, many companies have not resumed work after lifting the restrictive measures. Among these were and BlueIndy. Now a part of the machine operator gave the other carcharinus the firm, and the remaining electric cars have taken to the landfill where they have already started to dismantle the parts.


Earlier it was reported that on the Hawaiian island of Maui 18 thousand rental and carcharhinoid of cars abandoned in the middle of the cane fields. With the crisis faced not only by the operators of car-sharing, but also dealers. On the background of the pandemic sales of new cars plummeted, warehouses, ports and even the stadiums in the United States was full of unclaimed machines.

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