Corvette GT3. R: Feel like a real racer

Corvette GT3. R: Feel like a real racer


The long-awaited Chevrolet Corvette Z06 debuted at the end of October. What will happen next? The electrified E-Ray can be added to the family, but it will not be the most powerful. But there is one more – Z06 GT3.R, and today it is officially presented.

“This is an exciting time for the Corvette – first the production Z06 came out and now the Z06 GT3.R for racers,” said Mark Stilow, General Motors Engineering Programs Manager.

Yes, this is a racing car that is not licensed on public roads. But on the other hand, everyone can buy it, including amateur teams. The aluminum chassis C8.R was taken as a basis, and some parts of the aerodynamic body kit were also transferred from it.

At the rear is the 5.5-liter V8 from the C8.R, but its output is less than the road-going Z06, which is tuned to 670 horsepower and 623 Newtons. Chevrolet promises that in racing specification it produces 500-600 hp. – this is exactly what the GT3 racing rules allow, which the novelty is primarily aimed at. Nevertheless, the model can take part in many other competitions.

The cost of the model was not disclosed, but the road Z06 is estimated at around $ 100,000.

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