Costin EC1 by Chery: what are you?

Costin EC1 by Chery: what are you?


Another electric novelty may debut in China in the near future. We are talking about the Costin EC1 electric car. It should appear on the market in late August or early September this year. This model is not a full-fledged novelty, but is a slightly revised modification of Chery eQ1.

It is reported that the Costin EC1 will receive an elongated bonnet, a rather narrow head optics, and embossed folds on the sidewalls of the doors. In addition, for this electric vehicle, the manufacturer offers special design aluminum wheels that increase its aerodynamics, as well as retractable handles. The rear of the electric vehicle will stand out thanks to a compact spoiler and LED-filled headlights integrated into a monoblock by means of an LED insert. The overall dimensions of the body of the electric car are 4639x1880x1640 mm, and its distance between the axles reaches 2810 mm. Vehicle weight is 1810 kg.

As for the interior of the car, it will turn out to be very original. So, along with the classic multimedia system, which will be controlled using a large touchscreen installed on the center console, the electric car will receive a digital “dashboard” of instruments. However, the main “feature” of the interior will be an additional case made in the form of a crystal. It will sit on top of the dashboard. A special holographic driver assistant will be located here.

The power capabilities of the new electric car will be determined by a unit with a capacity of 190 horsepower, which is capable of providing the vehicle’s power reserve on a single battery charge at the level of 450 kilometers.

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