COTY-2021: seven finalists for the title of car of the year

COTY-2021: seven finalists for the title of car of the year


On the first day of spring 2021, the jury of the international Car of the Year competition will announce the winner. At the same time, the process will go on an accelerated schedule, bypassing the large-scale test drive of nominees in Denmark. At the end of last year, 60 journalists from 23 countries selected 29 cars for different tastes and budgets. And now the jury has reduced the list to seven finalists. And this list does not include, for example, the Mercedes S-class sedan, most electric cars and the only hydrogen car.

The Land Rover Defender, an expensive niche SUV with a narrow circle of fans, looks special in the top seven. Fans of electric cars will enjoy the already popular Volkswagen ID hatch.3 and the stylish Fiat 500, as well as a separate electric modification of the Citroen C4 model. Surprisingly, the list includes a five-door Cupra Formentor and Toyota Yaris, which was ahead of the compact hatchbacks of the Honda and Hyundai brands in the voting. Instead of the most popular car in Europe, the Volkswagen Golf, the Skoda Octavia entered the final, which has already found more than 170 thousand buyers in the Old World (second place in the class).

We also recommend you to watch a detailed review of the Octavia A8 1.4 TSI Aisin 8AT Ambition from the FineAuto team:

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