Could YOU Be a Top Gear Presenter? | DIY Top Gear Uncovered

Could YOU Be a Top Gear Presenter? | DIY Top Gear Uncovered


Richard reveals his tips on how to be a presenter whilst driving a car, which is not as easy as it looks.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

sorry glads backwards that’s better this is the new BMW z4 nought to 60 in in fat five six point no that’s their not Richard Richard I’m on this side this side but now that the new car is more grown-up can it still cope when it sees one of these is yes very much yea-ah duck that was me this morning clearly a man at a practice so what I’m going to do now is what we all do on Top Gear at this point and break out the single most important car ever to grace the Top Gear test track this is the Top Gear training car she’s been around since the program began thirty years ago the keys are handed over to each generation of Top Gear presenters in a secret ceremony we presenters user to sharpen our skills and I can still remember the shiver along my spine the first morning I sat in I actually got a call from TIFF and he said she’s in your hands now take care of the old girl we owe her everything that’s what he said anyway this is no time for lumpy throats to school nope that’s not lesson one actually lesson bloody one is making sure the cameraman knows it’s me and not Jeremy doing the filming that day Alice yes the art of driving a car knowing where you’re going and showing the car off the best advantage to the camera in the tracking car there in front and delivering precise and accurate information to the camera here in the car with me it is a skill unique to Top Gear and one that’s not good at all yeah this is one of the most important moments in making a top gear film the cameraman has set the camera below on the ground the directors already got the sky going backwards your job as presenter is Netta flats pass the camera as fast as possible as close to the camera as you can manage from maximum effect yep nothing to see here nothing to see the moment when a car appears on screen is probably the most important part of the Top Gear road test more important than the price or whether the car is a be good and it’s your job as presenter to pilot the car in question into shot in the most dramatic way possible today I’m going to go for the camera framed on an empty runway car power slides in strings up and zooms out manic back I can learn yeah this is just not going well today that is a bit more damage to the training car everyone’s gonna be quite cross about that I think we should move on you

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