Coupe Lotus Emira prepared for racing

Coupe Lotus Emira prepared for racing


British engineering firm RML Group and Lotus have built a racing version of the Emira coupe, which they hope to see soon at prestigious world and national championships. The Emira GT4 differs from the road two-door in a carbon fiber body and improved aerodynamics, but it is driven by the same 3.5-liter Toyota V6 2GR-FE compressor.

Unlike the road Lotus Emira, which will also be offered with the Mercedes-AMG 2.0 “turbo four”, the car with the GT4 prefix will only use the time-tested Toyota V6 3.5 equipped with a Harrop TVS 1900 supercharger. The two-door engine will deliver the same 400 horsepower, but mate with the xTrac six-band sequential and limited slip differential.

New for the Emira GT4 will be a composite body, Alcon brakes and Bosch Motorsport tunable ABS. The front and rear suspensions are double-wishbone with hlins coilovers and anti-roll bars. The frame, six-point seat belts, fire suppression system and 96-liter fuel tank are FIA ​​homologated. That said, the GT4 version is 145 kilograms lighter than the regular Emira.

Apparently, the new product will replace the similar Evora. At least for the 2022 season, the company is going to release a limited number of racing cars, and increase volumes in 2023 if there is demand. The official presentation of the two-door will take place before the end of the year on its own Lotus track in the English Hetele. New details and, possibly, price will also become known there.

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