Coupe-shaped Kodiaq GT is already on the roads of Europe

Coupe-shaped Kodiaq GT is already on the roads of Europe


In Prague, two Skoda Kodiaq GT cars were noticed at once. The newest coupe-crossover is still presented only in China, but the appearance of the car on the roads in the Czech Republic may be evidence that the model will soon appear on the European market.

Journalists those who took photos of the new Skoda Kodiaq GT asked the representatives of the Czech brand for comment. They limited themselves to saying that at the moment this model is offered only on the Chinese market. Although it is quite possible that there is an unofficial import.

Skoda Kodiaq GT differs from the standard model with a sloping roof and an increased tilt angle of the rear racks. In addition, a large spoiler is installed. Naturally, the coupe-like version can only be a five-seater.

The coupe-shaped Skoda crossover in China is equipped with 2.0-liter turbo engines with a power of 186 and 220 HP.In the first case, the front drive, in the second – full. Both versions received a 7-speed gearbox with two DSG clutches.

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