Coupe VW Tayron: queue Tiguan

Coupe VW Tayron: queue Tiguan


Kupeobrazny version Tayron SUV is available with petrol “turboservice” 2.0 TSI, front – wheel drive or full. The model proved to be more expensive than many of its competitors.

Standard crossover Volkswagen Tayron made its debut in 2018. the SUV, the closest relative of which is the Tiguan, developed specifically for China and launched production – responsible for the release of the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen. The cross was successful, this is one of the most popular models of the brand in China in 2019, sold more than 179 000 such vehicles. And now back to “just” joined kupeobrazny Tayron Tayron X. Recall, in the form of a concept coupe introduced last year in June 2020 presentation of the production version, while it was accepting applications. And then, finally, started “living” sales.

So, VW conveyor Tayron almost fully retained the design of its forerunner: left and a couple of spoilers on the aft, and the “x’s” in lights. And it turned out that the SUV has a body kit R-Line, although looking similar to the concept of such signboards was not. And only with this kit and will be available “coupe”, simpler versions is not provided. By the way, the cross with the “traditional” body is also a modification of the R-Line, but it is different: cars have different bumpers, and Tayron X in addition insert that simulates the exhaust pipes divided into two sections. The cross-coupe was originally “worth” on 19-inch wheels (“traditional” Tayron put such surcharge or in version R-Line, the rest of the options – a 17 – or 18-inch).

Length Volkswagen Tayron X is 4626 mm, which is 37 mm more than the baseline SUV. Height 1662 mm (+2 mm compared with “just” Tayron). Width and wheelbase match 1860 2730 mm, respectively.

Inside kupeobrazny crossover copied “just” Tayron, the only difference is the finish. For example, the chair of the “x” can be upholstered in black and white perforated leather. Trunk volume Tayron X – 525 litres 506 litres against that of a conventional SUV. The list of standard equipment coupe includes: led optic, panoramic roof with sliding section, heated front seats, three-zone climate control, multimedia system, virtual “tidy”, rear view camera, auto brake system, and cruise control. Top VW Tayron X put heated windshield, heated steering wheel and all seats, around view camera, adaptive cruise control, a withholding system in the lane, and projection display.


As usual Tyrone, the cross-coupe is equipped with petrol “turboservice” 2.0 TSI EA888 series. Under the hood the front-wheel Tayron X installed 186-strong version, the cross with all-wheel drive 4Motion – 220-strong. Box – uncontested 7DSG. Junior turbo engine 1.4 TSI (EA211), with a capacity of 150 HP, which is “just” Tayron, kupeobrazny SUV has not got. Will not have Tayron X and hybrid based on the 1.4 TSI (total returns – 218 HP), at least not yet.

Price “coupe” is in the range from 235 to 295 800 800 yuan, equivalent to about 33 700 – 42 300 dollars at the current exchange rate. “Traditional” Tayron with the 1.4 TSI costs from 186 900 yuan ($26 700) with the 2.0 TSI engine from 220 to 900 yuan ($31 600).

By the way, in China quite a wide selection kupeobrazny crossover, and there you can find a lot of cheaper options Tayron X. For example, part of the VW group brand Skoda offers Kodiaq GT at a price of 179 900 yuan (us$25 700) for the base Honda Avancier asking for 220,000 yuan ($31 500), Changan CS95 is from 119 900 yuan ($17 200). Even “premium” Lynk & Co 05 and Wey VV7 GT more affordable from 175 191 800 and 800 yuan respectively ($25 200 $27 500).

Outside of the Chinese market Tayron X is unlikely to emerge as the standard cross. But the related Tiguan will soon also be kupeobrazny version, and she’s expected to become global.

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