Craft shorty Morris Mini will go under the hammer in the UK

Craft shorty Morris Mini will go under the hammer in the UK


The classic Mini hatchback, which debuted back in 1959, fully justified its name even by the standards of those years. The charismatic brainchild of Alec Issigonis was only 3054 mm from nose to tail. So that you understand: the most compact modern cars with four seats (Smart ForFour, Kia Picanto) are at least half a meter longer.

Nevertheless, there were always more than enough originals eager to cut the legendary “Briton” a little more. In the vastness of the Web, you can find many images of shortened Mini. One of these will be auctioned in the UK from day to day. Now, try your best to keep breakfast to yourself: let’s analyze the unusual lot in a little more detail.

Despite the fact that there is no information about the dimensions of the “stump”, it is easy to estimate: the length of the car barely exceeds two meters. And yes – of the original parts, only the “muzzle” and the butt remained. The would-be enthusiasts had to create doors and a roof from scratch and painstakingly fit each other. The role of the front seats is played by the rear sofa with a slot for the handbrake handle.

In the movement of the shorty, painted in addition to the disgusting orange color scheme (of course, there was nothing like this in the range of the original Mini), the standard 998-cc 38-horsepower motor leads. Although Sir Issigonis, spinning in a coffin, probably generates enough energy to be able to do without ICE at all.

The starting price of the lot at the time of publication has not yet been announced. Well, we will watch with interest his unfortunate fate.

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