Crash-test helped to find the most dangerous place in the cabin of the Ford Explorer

Crash-test helped to find the most dangerous place in the cabin of the Ford Explorer


The American insurance Institute for highway safety (IIHS) conducted a crash test of Ford Explorer is a new generation. Experts came to the conclusion that despite some improvements, the automaker was not able to solve the problem with the safety of the driver, typical for pre-reform model.

We are talking about a collision with partial overlap. In this strike the front of the car to deform in such a way that there is a high risk of injury to the driver’s left foot. While protecting other passengers in the cabin provided at a high level. Thus, the most unsafe place in such accidents is the driver’s seat.

In the result, the Explorer has not received the highest score, despite the fact that the rest of the test – side and front shots of the SUV did.

Earlier due to another problem in this model Ford has got fifty lawsuits. Explorer owners have complained EN masse that were poisoned by exhaust fumes penetrating into the passenger compartment. It was found that the smell of the exhaust appears when fully pressing the accelerator pedal in combination with operating in the recirculation mode the climate control.

The automaker with the allegations of not agreed – the Ford insists that the Explorer is fully consistent with current U.S. requirements. But the fact that the local law clearly does not regulate the permissible content in the air is a colorless toxic gas that can affect the health.


Talking about the issue in 2016 and the company is even forced to take some action. For example, Ford has already bought 100 SUVs from disgruntled owners, and held a maintenance campaign.

How important is the safety rating when buying a car?

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