Crashing a Mansion & Crime Scene | Ferrari F12

Crashing a Mansion & Crime Scene | Ferrari F12


First day in LA and I’m picking up the Ferrari F12 from Black & White Car Rental in Beverly Hills. On our way to a $12 million mansion we come across a crime scene at Sunset Blvd.Follow me on:

my god you guys like all SWAT team what time is it super God Lundy I’m in LA oh my god I’m so excited so I’ve just given my friends a call it black and white car rental I was like dude I need a car for the day what have you got and he hurried back straightaway he goes I’ve got four on standby for you he said I’ve got the Aventador what the rolls-royce ghost I’ve got the f12 or the 488 spider and he’s like which one do you want I’ve just run Apollo on my Instagram if you don’t follow me yet go check it out the f12 is just in the lead at this point so we’re gonna go inside ask the guys if they can get a yf-12 prep for us and then we’re gonna go and cruise around LA we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up today when I come to LA I always use black and white rental because they’re the best the cars are in the best condition possible I’m always amazed by it like you’ve got all of the supercars here as well right so you’ve got your pick from supercars and then you’ve got like other cars here as well I call them other cars they’re just anything except for supercars so I’ve done a poll now at the moment we’ve got about 21 thousand votes of the Aventador and 19,000 for the f12 so the eventual has one however I haven’t driven the m12 yet so I’m gonna take an executive decision and go with the air top what do you think I’m gonna go with the executive it’s got the key this car is an awesome condition I love this I’ve never seen this detailing before actually in any Ferraris I’ve driven that looks really cool and in start oh I’m gonna put the key in alright so you guys may laugh but my excuse is that because I Drive a lot of different cars every day I kind of forget when I get back into a Ferrari that you need to put the key in I know that sounds really you were laughing behind the courier like yeah I wonder how long it’s gonna take you think about so he goes in alright turn that engine stop yeah beats whoa and especially because it’s not it’s naturally aspirated so we’re not dealing with you know the 488 that has turbos this is just pure engine last time we’re in LA we actually randomly ran into Matt Altman who is on million dollar listing the real estate show I don’t know if you guys watch it I’ve watched it for years I absolutely love it they go around to or they list actually multi multi-million dollar homes in LA and today I saw an Instagram that he’s actually got an open house for a house that cost twelve million dollars we’re actually going to turn up unannounced to his open house I’m hoping the car at least gets us in the door thank you very much – black and white car rental for making us look richer than we are and hopefully getting us in the door of a twelve million dollar house I didn’t realize how good f12 sounded you don’t see them a lot and do I do you really there’s a cop up there I think he’s blocking where we need to go definitely something going on here amazing traffic police can’t get through anywhere we’re trying to get up there you see that mansion up there yeah right there that’s what we’re trying to get and everything is blocked off oh it’s got a helicopter going look at this well given in layers well well yeah we’re driving up into the hills guys the Hollywood Hills and my ears are popped twice it’s actually quite high up is it yeah yeah we gonna park this thing okay we’re gonna go surprise Matt and see if an easier much it’s really embarrassing no you’re like oh yeah nice car are you interested in buying just looking hey it’s the open house oh my god he’s so amazing hey hey we heard it’s an open house we might have some buyers yeah what’s up man nice to see you good to see you how are you we’re not everyone sighted very excited this is one of the most beautiful houses in the Hollywood Hills right now I can tell you’re looking although it’s a little bit cloudy today yeah that’s dead-on city views I can see there for 12 million bucks eleven million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand you’re gonna get one of the most beautiful views in all of Los Angeles what do you get if you pay the extra $1 the extra $1 yeah we’ll get you the keys one second faster so this is what twelve million dollars gets you and this isn’t even on a clear day otherwise you can see all the buildings done here you see this view yeah downtown LA and the hill it’s only something seriously happening now there are two security helicopters hovering about down there tsunami oh hello this is like your ultimate quick oh my god and there’s the wine cellar so you literally walk in here pick your favorite wine come out here open it off and watch a movie you probably watch yourself on the movie wouldn’t you if you could afford this house you’re probably on the movie that’s all looking a wine cellar we’ve just found out what happens it says a man is reportedly throwing items off an apartment balcony in the area near Sunset Boulevard what’s he turing off any guesses they were so many villainous cars and helicopters just because someone was getting rid of their ex-boyfriends stuff LA official cops say please stay inside and lock your doors if you’re in the area pom pom haha no and that’s what we have breaking news that’s it sold apparently there is a guy with the gun in the white building and that’s why cell blocks off so there she’s a guy with a gun up there in the building one according to the police what yes are you serious yes right there and that building is like I feel very quickly so you just went down there on the police didn’t Sookie filming or no me on Twitter my laughter oh my god don’t know and he said yes hey man what’s happening just a guy with a gun can we go film sure why not oh my god like the hull swap team I feel like I’m in a movie oh my god oh my god it’s what you’ve been waiting for go what do I see here I don’t know where to go right oh my god follow the traffic I think oh my god yeah look at all the people turning into in and out oh my god favorite burger place this is how popular in a nowadays look at this line of cars even if Ferrari wants to get in from the last parking here I lost one well who’s for you it to me insane that’s crazy very good point I’ve never seen a line like that all right how are you this is awesome car him finally finally you look at how we go in and out baby okay that’s it that’s the end of our first day in LA I hope you guys have enjoyed it um it’s been action-packed hasn’t it yeah crazy mansion cops something going down there burgers Ferrari amazing love you guys so so much thank you so much for watching please like the video subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you on the next vlog yeah it’s good

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