Creative writing from Metropolitan police: Parking spaces “for fans of the fines”

Creative writing from Metropolitan police: Parking spaces “for fans of the fines”


Patrol police, together with the Inspectorate for the Park is not the first to struggle with the violators of Parking rules. Especially sharply the situation in the capital of Ukraine. According to statistics, since the beginning of year inspectors have issued about 40 thousand decisions for violation by drivers of rules of a Parking.

Classical explanations for their actions from would-be drivers Massa I for a moment, and here it was impossible to stay where I Park, all the Parking is occupied and I need and so on. Of course there are more unique excuses, but it’s not about them. Due to the fact that the fines and evacuation of cars has no effect on motorists as an incentive to the observance of traffic regulations, the patrol found a rather creative way to force the drivers not to Park in inappropriate places, according to the Auto Informant with a link to the post Patrol police in Facebook.

They put road markings bright orange color with an inscription “a place for fans of the fines.” Such inscriptions appeared in places where drivers often parked with violation of traffic rules. Now such places in the capital is 65, but soon their number will increase to 100.


“Illegally parked cars not only create traffic jams and difficult traffic, and cause accidents. We did these wrong Parking once again, now ironically, to remind drivers that the sidewalks, lawns and walkways – not a place to Park,” – said the first Deputy head of patrol police Department Alex Beloshitskiy.

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Recall that the fine for improper Parking, in accordance with article 122 of the Cao varies from 255 to 510 UAH with a possible evacuation of the vehicle. Therefore, it would be cheaper to find a free Parking place, and not to leave their cars in inappropriate Parking place.

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