Crisis: “available” Bugatti is cancelled

Crisis: “available” Bugatti is cancelled


Bugatti has decided to suspend the development of its second model – a car for everyday use. Expansion of the lineup indefinitely postponed because of the crisis that followed the pandemic coronavirus.

At least until the end of the year Bugatti intends not to spend money on new projects to keep costs to a minimum.

The second model needs to obtain a much more affordable price tag than Chiron hypercar costing from $ 2.9 million. Despite this, the head of company Stefan vinkelman not sure what “affordable” model will be able to attract enough customers to recoup the development costs.

“While we will have to postpone this project. Given the current economic realities, our main priority is to preserve liquidity,” said Winkelmann in an interview with Autonews Europe.


In January, the head of Bugatti revealed details about the second model of the brand: the company plans to release quadruple grad-turer or crossover on electric cost from 500 thousand to 1 million euros. According to Winckelmann, the Bugatti is not going to blindly follow the universal trend to crossovers and intends to develop a model with a special body, which could be ridden every day.

To maintain the exclusivity of the brand, the circulation of new items will limit to a few thousand copies. However, this number would greatly increase the volume of production of the Bugatti, which is impossible without the expansion of the state and adaptation of the production facilities. In addition, under electric planned to develop a new platform, and it requires substantial investment.

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