Cross-C3L Citroen sedan will cost $13.400

Cross-C3L Citroen sedan will cost $13.400


Almost completely brand Citroen has declassified a new “cityradio”. The model is intended for China, where it will be offered with one engine.

Sedan Citroen C3L with off-road body kit was lit in December of last year, when his photographs made in the database of the Ministry of industry of the PRC. A few days ago, the Network has posted the first brand images, and now on the local website of Citroen, the model got its own page – for main characteristics and interior photos (before the official imagery of the cabin was not). That is, in the sale of novelty will arrive very soon.

We will remind, “chetyrehdverki” built on the basis of the SUV Citroen C3-XR, which is also designed specifically for China (its released in 2014). “Pyatidverka”, in turn, created on the old platform PF1, the same “truck” is the basis of the sedan Citroen C-Elysee and Peugeot 301.


Length Citroen C3L equal 4282 4505 mm vs mm for the SUV, the height of 1513 mm, whereas the C3-XR – 1557 mm (with roof rails). Width and wheelbase are the same – 1748 and 2655 mm. Chinese media reported that the ground clearance of the sedan is 180 mm (figure C3-XR is not specified anywhere, on some “celestial” forums, write what you have SUV it is equal to 175 mm). Well, for comparison, the dimensions of the Renault Logan Stepway: 4368/ 1761/ 1576 mm, wheelbase – 2634 mm, ground clearance – 195 mm.

In appearance from the original C3-XR, in addition to the “tail” of the trunk, of course, cross-sedan Citroen differs only in the rear bumper. Inside the novelty is also copied to the donor SUV, replaced only decorative inserts, plus chairs have different upholstery. As the donor of the SUV, the C3L has a multimedia system with 9 inch touchscreen, rear view camera, panoramic roof, ESP, and system of care when lifting.

The engine for the “chetyrehdverki” declared one, he moved with crossover gasoline “turbotron” 1.2 THP with a power of 116 HP (190 Nm). However, if the CX-3 with this engine is now offered with a six-speed “automatic” the cross sedan is equipped with six-speed robotized transmission with two clutches (6DCT). Fuel consumption C3L – 4.8 l/100 km 5.5 l/100 the C3-XR with 6АКП. While DCT is the original crossover, but it is paired with a 136-horsepower version of the engine 1.2 THP (torque – 230 Nm, fuel consumption: 5.1 l/100 km). Also C3-XR on four-cylinder “aspirated” 1.6 (117 HP, 150 Nm) with 5МКП or 6АКП (6.7 and 6.2 l/100 km, respectively).

It is possible that later a less powerful version of the 1.2 THP to “piatigorski” also “make friends” with 6DCT, but “aspirated” is likely to be dismissed – he did not even bring up the new local ehkonorm. Drive the C3-XR, and C3L exclusively front.


Prices yet to be announced. “Pyatidverka” Citroen C3-XR is 94 800 – 117 900 yuan (about 13 400 – 16 600 dollars). Production of both models launched in China at the factory, the joint venture companies, Dongfeng and PSA. The original SUV outside of this country don’t sell, so that the cross-a sedan will probably be a Chinese exclusive.

Meanwhile, PSA suffers a disaster in China, and it began even before the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. So, last year, make Citroen sold in China only 50 279 cars that is twice less than in 2018. Dealers of Peugeot implemented 63 758 cars – compared to the 2018 demand also fell by half. Well, under the DS brand sold only 1254 cars – three times less than in the previous year.

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