Crossing the Channel in Car Boats! (HQ)

Crossing the Channel in Car Boats! (HQ)


Hilarious challenge from the boys as they attempt to cross the Channel to France in their brilliant but useless home-made amphibious cars. Clip taken from series 10 episode 2.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

that attempts here we go today the wind had dropped and the sea was much calmer we’re going to France this time we are going I was now powered by an outboard I bought from Jeremy for a million pounds and James was my cabin boy if you would go below please Roger the cabin boy and a caballo sir Prescott I’m a bacon sandwich Richard’s million-pound outboard wasn’t exactly gutsy so in the spirit of the sea and in keeping with the maritime code I gunned it and left them behind she’s riding the waves like a twig meanwhile back on the cabin cruiser bloody hell hey it’s quite a lot of water accepted or not again as you can see this morning the sea is a Mill Pond we’re hoping to capitalize on that make good progress before the waves build up which they inevitably will this is the third time I’ve been in this ready see yeah technically it wasn’t my fault I’m disappointed I thought you could make it I’m sorry mate the campsite with typical good grace Jeremy came back to pick us up and then announced we’d have to go back to Dover this seemed like a waste of time but as we lined up for our fourth attempt his reasoning became clearer couple years ago Richard Branson set a record for forty minutes six seconds no way it’s an average speed for in 8 knots so we go for it we’re giving a shot away for rocks guys cars one question well where’s France we follow the ferry but not the one going to Holland soon the three men in a boat were an incredible two miles from England and since we were doing for a record we had to work out our speed you see how many pass through fingers in a given time it’s a very accurate system because we were blasting along at a steady hundred and twenty-five miles an hour we had a visit from the Coast Guard our intentions are to go across the channel faster than beardy Branson I want to do that for a job all you do is jump out and wrestle Albanians amazingly our vessel ploughed on without mishap and then pickup truck mangia Jeremy don’t be depressed whoa boldly going further than any pickup at gum before we were soon in the shipping lanes I think that song what’s called a consonant bearing as well which means we’re going behind is it best having missed all the big scary boats we turned our attention back to Branson’s record forty minutes coming up now now it was just a question of seeing if we could make it but with eight miles to go it started to get shopping Corian things were even worse at the back so we sent James to the front to act as ballast I’m getting a bit very stinky frankly mercifully as we got into the Lee or something or other the waters calmed and we could taste success the town of sangat was about to get three more immigrants never mind that we name for Calais and messed France is France 20 yards from France to succeed we have to get up the boat ramp but that meant going through the breakers I really thought we were gonna tip over skillfully James got a rope round the front bumper in’ and a gap in the waves and went for it that’s good the pickup and landed you you

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